EZ Signs
Finally-a turnkey framed signage solution! These pre-edged blanks are ready to customize right out of the box. No cutting or framing means you can go from design to sign in a fraction of the time needed for silk screening or engraving. Available in matte finish, in your choice of black or gold edge finish.
Item Number Description Size
5557 EZ Sign-black edge 2"x8"
5558 EZ Sign-gold edge 2"x8"
5559 EZ Sign-black edge 2"x10"
5560 EZ Sign-gold edge 2"x10"
5647 L-bracket for EZ name plates  
5563 EZ Sign-black edge 6" square
5564 EZ Sign-gold edge 6" square
5565 EZ Sign-black edge 8" square
5566 EZ Sign-gold edge 8" square