ADA (American Disabilities Act) Signs

To comply with the Americans Disabilities Act, we proudly present our collection of compliant signs. We offer several types of products that meet Federal requirements. Most signs are custom manufactured; however we do stock certain standard signs. Please give us a call for a quote on your specific needs.



Engraved ADA Sign

Engraved ADA Signs

The raised characters and letters of theses sign are made from 1/32" plastic sheet stock applied with adhesive to the 1/16" plastic substrate material. The characters and letters are laser cut through the 1/32" material and the excess material is removed leaving the raised portion of the sign. The ADA compliant Braille rasters which are recessed into the substrate material. These signs come in a variety of colors to meet any specifications.

ADA Polymer Sign

Basic ADA Photo Polymer Sign

The basic photo polymer sign is made from photo polymer that is permanently bonded to phenolic material as one piece. The sign is made using a photo etching process. After the sign is etched into the photo polymer, it is painted using Matthews acrylic polyurethane paint. The raised portion of the sign is then hot stamped or silk-screened a contrasting color to produce the finished sign. Various sizes, shapes and colors are available.

ADA Sign

ADA Sign with Changeable Message Lense

Any of our ADA signs, engraved or photo polymer can be customized to include an acrylic changeable message lense.