Name Badges
We have opened the name badge market to a whole new world of color and excitement. Available in several pre-cut sizes and two gloss levels.
Item Number Description Size
5501 Name badge-gloss 1"x3"
5515 Name badge-matte 1"x3"
5502 Name badge-gloss 1.25"x3"
5516 Name badge-matte 1.25"x3"
5530 Name badge-gloss 2"x3"
5531 Name badge-matte 2"x3"
5532 Name badge-gloss 1.5"x3" oval
5533 Name badge-matte 1.5"x3" oval
5619 Identifier badge frame-gold 1.5"x3"
5621 Identifier badge frame-gloss 1.4"x2.8"
5628 Identifier badge frame-matte 1.4"x2.8"